Protect patient privacy in Umlazi

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Protect patient privacy in Umlazi
Protect patient privacy in Umlazi

Imagine the HIV counseling queue at your local clinic was public and everyone, including your neighbor, could see that by standing in that line, you may be HIV positive. In a country still grappling with the stigma of HIV, we must protect the privacy of those who want to get tested for HIV, access ARVs and receive counseling. Something as simple as a private information desk or changing the layout of a clinic so rooms and queue's are more private, could protect the dignity and safety of those living with HIV.

Unless we act, countless South Africans living in Umlazi may chose not to get tested, access ARVs or receive counseling.


Ungawungenela lo mkhankaso?

Dear Dr Nomakhosi Gxagxisa (Head of Health eThekwini Municipality), Mrs Vijay Naidoo (Deputy Head South Sub District) and Mr S Prinsloo (S2 Area Manager),

We the undersigned ask that the Umlazi 21U clinic protects the privacy of patients, especially those affected by HIV, by changing the layout of the clinic and training staff.  Patients do not feel comfortable accessing health services related to HIV and family planning because staff may publicly disclose which que and/or room to go to. This violates the Batho Pele principles of the Patient Rights Charter outlined in the National Core Standards for Health Establishments in South Africa. 

We demand that you consult with members of the community before the 15th of January commit to implementing a new layout for the clinic including a discreet information desk, as well as a new layout and staff training by the 15th of February 2015.

If a solution can't be found through changing the layout of the clinic and additional infrastructure is required, we ask that you work with us to ensure additional funding is allocated to build facilities that protect the privacy of HIV patients.