Stop Mayor de Lille's unlawful evictions and use of live ammunition

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Stop Mayor de Lille's unlawful evictions and use of live ammunition


Riot police seen aiming service pistols at protesting shack dwellers in Philippi East on Friday. Photo by Pablo Pinedo for Ground Up.

Many of our fellow South Africans are struggling. Patrick Sobutyu and his wife, their struggle meant they couldn't afford to pay for a backyard dwelling in the Cape Town township of Delft any longer. So two weeks ago, they moved to Philippi East and built a home on land that had been vacant for decades [1].

Patrick is now in hospital. According to Ground Up Reporter, Daneel Knoetze, who tracked him down, Patrick was shot with live ammunition by police as he tried to stop his home from being demolished. Cape Town's Anti-Land Invasion Unit continues to attack unarmed people and demolish homes, claiming they are vacant and unoccupied [1]. Take a stand against unlawful evictions and police brutality by adding your name to the campaign.

[1] Police use live ammunition on shack dwellers, by Daneel Knoetze for Ground Up

Dear Mayor de Lille and Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk,

We demand you immediately stop the the human rights violations being perpetrated by the Anti-Land Invasion Unit. We, the undersigned, call on you to end the unlawful evictions of the people of Philippi East, and stop your police officers from using live ammunition on unarmed people. The people of Philippi East are simply trying to protect their homes from being demolished.

We can all see from the photos and videos that your claims that only vacant and unoccupied structures are being demolished is false.

We ask that you compensate people who have lost their homes and possessions, that you pay for the medical expenses of Patrick Sobutyu who was shot defending his home, and, most importantly, that you give land to the people of Philippi East, or work with them to find an alternative that respects their right to dignity.

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