Leave no one behind! Keep free TV free!

Leave no one behind! Keep free TV free!

5,000 signatures

* Update * First victory for our campaign! Minister Muthambi has announced that government will provide free Set-Top-Boxes to 5 million poor households [1]

** Update ** 4354 people have added their voice by signing the campaign on our Mxit platform,

We've had a major victory to ensure no one is cut off from SABC and other free TV. But our campaign isn't over, we're calling on Communications Minister Faith Muthambi to ensure no one is left behind and provide Set-Top-Boxes to 6 million households. As South Africa switches off analogue TV and turns on digital, all of us will need a set-top box (similar to a decoder). The problem is government is considering making us pay the R700 for the set-top box. The majority of South Africans can’t afford this, and while the Ministers subsidy covers 5 million low-income households, as many as 1 million homes could still be cut off from watching the news, local content in our languages and education shows for children.

Add your voice and ensure access for all. If we don’t act now, we could face a future where access to TV is divided based on your pocket. Access to education and health services are already divided. The media plays an important role in our democracy, we can't let access to TV become an expensive private service for an elite minority who can afford it, while the majority will have to make do with a poor quality public service, and those most marginalised will be cut off from receiving television completely.

Together, we can ensure our government follows other countries who have moved to digital and provided set-top boxes for free [2]. For more information visit our allies, Save Our SABC Coalition to learn more.

[1] Green light for TV to go digital, Sechaba ka'Nkosi for IOL, 6 March 2015

[2] Set-top boxes: The ‘new e-tolls’, City Press 21 September 2014

Dear Honourable Minister Muthambi,

We thank you for listening to the thousands of us who shared with you our concern that we would be cut off from SABC when Mzansi switches off analogue and switches on digital TV. We applaud you for announcing a full subsidy for Set-Top-Boxes for 5 million of our nations 'poor households'. 

We the undersigned however call on you to ensure no one is left behind. As you know 'poor' includes homes earning up R6500 per month, while your subsidy only covers those earning up to R3200 per month. This means an estimated 1 million households could still be cut off from TV. We call on you to extend your subsidy poor households earning R6500 per month. 

Will you sign?